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List of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States

HBCUs are defined as institutions of higher learning established after 1964 with the intent to serve the educational needs of the black community. There are currently 105 HBCUs operating in the United States, and many of them now are racially diverse.


What is in a Rank? College Rankings and What They (May) Mean for You

2012 College Rankings are hitting the internet and the newsstands. But how important are the rankings? Are they really an accurate indicator of which school is best for you? It may well depend on what criteria the rankings report uses, and how important those criteria factor into your own decision. Learn more here.

Balancing Online Education with Work and Family


Choosing to pursue a Bachelor's DegreeAssociate Degree, or Continuing Education credits online is an excellent option for those who need to minimize education expenses and also have responsibilities to children, elderly parents or other family members, and possibly also need to maintain a part-time or even-full time job while going to school. Online education gives students juggling multiple responsibilities the flexibility to attend classes and work on school assignments on their own time and their own schedule.

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

By Nicole on 15 Aug 2012

Degree(s) Awarded
Undergraduate students majoring in Chemistry are typically awarded a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemistry or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemistry. Not all schools offer both degrees, however, and course requirements usually differ between BA and BS tracks. BA programs are typically geared toward teaching or preparation for graduate school, while BS programs offer more specific scientific training.


Length of Degree Program
3-5 years, depending on course load



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