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Bachelor's Degrees by Subject Area


Interested in a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology? How about a Bachelor of Science in Zoology? We've got your undergraduate degrees covered, from A to Z.

Applying to College After a Gap Year

Taking a gap year between high school graduation and the first year of college can provide you with enriching and exciting work, travel, and volunteer opportunities. Taking a gap year has been popular in Europe for many years and seems to be gaining popularity in the United States as well.

After the College Application: What Happens Next


The college application process takes a lot of time and energy during your final years of high school. Once the recommendation letters are in, the SAT and ACT tests are taken, the interviews conducted, the essays written, and the applications submitted - whew! - the process of waiting for a decision to arrive in your mailbox can be an agonizing one.

Staying Focused, On Task, and On Schedule with Online Education

If you've decided to pursue an online degree or take courses at an accredited online school, time is certainly on your side, along with plenty of flexibility to work at your own pace and on your own time. But with that flexibility comes quite a lot of responsibility.


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