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Money for College from the U.S. Army

Article by Nicole on 01 Aug 2012

Both U.S. Army reservists and active duty personnel qualify for many sources of education funding. The information below will give you a good idea about the resources available. Be sure to contact a recruiter to learn more about specific eligibility criteria and the amount of funding you may qualify for.

Montgomery GI Bill

Students who enlist with the U.S. Army can get over $50,000 to help pay for college under the Montgomery GI Bill, depending on how long they enlist and the job they choose within the Army. Students are required to contribute $100 per month during their first year of service. The Bill is managed by the Veterans Administration rather than the Department of Defense. Talk to your local Army recruiter for complete eligibility details and the amount of money that may be available to you.

Army Reserve Benefit

Selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill benefits of up to $12,132 are available under the Army Reserve Benefit. Critical positions in the Army Reserve qualify for an additional Montgomery GI Bill "Kicker", which can add up to $587 per month to the Montgomery GI Bill for up to 36 months (for a total of up to $24,732). The Kicker amounts vary based on job and rank within the Army.


College Loan Repayment Program

As a special enlistment incentive offered to qualified applicants, the Loan Repayment Program pays one-third of qualifying student loans for each year of full-time duty served.

Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program

If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, the Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program is a benefit worth looking into. Under this program, active or reserve Army enlisted soldiers are eligible to attend college full-time to complete this degree, covered by benefits including:

  • Up to $9,000 per academic year for tuition and mandatory fees for up to 24 months
  • Up to $1,000 per academic year for books
  • Full Army pay and allowances, including eligibility for Army promotions


Army Nurse Candidate Program

Undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited nursing program are eligible for the Army Nurse Candidate Program, offering:

  • A $5,000 bonus upon commencement of the program, plus a $5,000 bonus at graduation
  • A monthly stipend of $1000 per month during the months enrolled in a full-time commission in a Collegiate Nursing Education or National League for Nursing-accredited nursing program


Funded Nurse Education Program

You can become an Army nurse receiving full pay and benefits while on active duty under the Funded Nurse Education Program. This program allows Army officers to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Master of Science in Nursing with:

  • Up to $12,000 per year for tuition, books, and fees
  • Full pay and allowances


Medical and Dental School Stipend Program

A monthly stipend of more than $1,900 is available for students enrolled in accredited medical schools under the Medical and Dental School Stipend Program. Students receiving benefits under this program train as part of an Army Reserve unit and may serve on active duty after they graduate.

Specialized Training Assistance Program

Associate Degree/diploma nurses currently enrolled in an accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing program may be eligible to receive benefits under the Specialized Training Assistance Program, providing monthly stipends of more than $1,900.



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