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Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Being a college student is not cheap. And if you are one, you certainly know this! Finding a part-time job to help cover expenses like clothes, food, entertainment and other necessities is a great idea for many students -- as long as you find a job well suited to your college lifestyle. Ideally, part-time jobs that work well for college students are those that:

  • Offer flexible scheduling around your classes and other commitments
  • Provide work experience that may be connected to your major and help you build your resume
  • Are located close to (or even on) campus, minimizing your commute time
  • Give you plenty of opportunity to interact with others and possibly build social or professional relationships
  • Do not require you to incur any expenses to do them (such as parking fees, uniform purchasing and dry cleaning costs, etc.)


When looking for a part-time college job, consider first checking with your student employment office to inquire about jobs available on campus. Many schools give their own students hiring priority, and working on campus is just about as convenient as it gets in terms of job location.

So, with these considerations in mind, what are some of the best part-time jobs you might be able to find as a college student? We've listed our picks here.

Top 10 Jobs For College Students

Campus Tour Guide

What better job could you ask for? As a campus tour guide you get to learn your campus inside and out, and spend your working time providing other prospective college students with valuable information about your college or university. This job is great for students with outgoing personalities, enthusiasm, and plenty of energy to think on their feet. This job also helps build valuable interpersonal and communication skills that can be useful for careers in sales, marketing, communications, tourism, business, advertising and public relations, and other fields. To be considered for a position as a campus tour guide, speak with your campus employment office about the openings and requirements.

Teaching Assistant

While many teaching assistant (TA) positions are filled by graduate students, undergraduates can also sometimes find employment serving as TAs for large freshman seminar courses. These courses may employ one or more TAs who assist professors with course materials, grading, and sometimes leading smaller break-out groups from the full student body of the class. TA positions are well suited especially to undergraduate students who have an interest in teaching or attending graduate school. To inquire about TA jobs, check with the chair of the department you are interested in.

On Campus Administration

Administrative jobs are aplenty on most college campuses, from student bookstores, to libraries, to registrar's offices and more. Administrative positions are often given to students looking for part-time, flexible working hours and provide experience with computer systems, communications, customer service, and other skills. Your campus employment office can provide details about how to find an on campus administrative job.

Research Assistant

Many professors in various science and engineering departments employ research assistants to help conduct necessary studies, aiding both the research itself, as well as various administrative tasks associated with the research. While many of these positions are filled by graduate students, undergraduates may also find paid research assistant positions, especially if they have a good relationship or mentorship with a professor in the subject in which they are majoring. Check directly with department chair or head to inquire about research assistantship positions.

Aerobics, Fitness, or Yoga Instructor

If you are skilled in the area of fitness, part-time employment at your campus gym or fitness center is an ideal part-time job. Those looking to make extra money while staying in shape, developing great interpersonal and communication skills, and deepening their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, exercise science, and related topics are ideal candidates for these types of jobs. Keep in mind, however, that most aerobics, fitness, and yoga instructors must be certified to teach, which will require a commitment of time and expense on your part before you can be employed in this area. Once you are certified, however, your campus fitness center is an ideal place to gain initial experience teaching classes.

Resident Advisor

Resident Advisors (RAs) are ideal positions for those who are interested in receiving reduced room and board in exchange for work. RAs provide needed support and leadership in the programming and services available to residents of dorms and residence halls. These positions are usually work-study positions, which are offered as part of a financial aid package for qualified students. Check with your school's financial aid office about the possibility of a work-study RA position.

Retail Sales

If you are the type of student who tends to spend a lot of money on clothes to stay current and fashionable, then a part-time job in retail sales may be ideal. Most retail jobs offer flexible hours and also provide a generous employee discount, giving you extra spending money along with reducing your expenses on something you purchase regularly anyway. Retail jobs are also good resume builders, offering sales, marketing, merchandising, and communications experience.


Whether you work on campus or off, employment as a barista in a cafe or coffee shop can be fun, creative, and flexible. Baristas learn culinary skills, as well as interpersonal, communications, and customer service skills. Some baristas also are involved in the marketing activities at local, independent cafes and may gain knowledge about the coffee industry through their work. Barista positions are often flexible, and many baristas find time to study or review class notes during off-peak working hours.

Caregiver/Home Health Aid

The Baby Boomer generation is aging, and the demand for home health aids and caregivers is on a sharp rise. Many college students, especially those majoring in nursing, social work, and other outreach-related fields can find part-time jobs providing in-home care for the elderly. These jobs are also great resume-builders for those looking to enter any medical, or caregiving field.

Paid Internship

Once you have declared your college major, finding a part-time internship in your chosen field is an ideal way to make extra money and gain valuable experience toward your career. In some cases, you may also be able to get class credit for internship experience. Inquire with your professors and the chair of your major department for advice about where to seek paid internships and class credit policies and requirements.

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