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What should you study and where should you go? Find out which college or online courses would work out best for your needs.

  • From a better paying position to industry recognition and access to advanced research facilities and resources, attending graduate school has many advantages. Take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to attend graduate school - online or on campus.
  • From official tours to residence halls, meal options, and going off-tour, learn all you need to know about taking full advantage of your time on a campus visit.
  • From language and cultural immersion to student visa requirements and costs of living, learn what you need to know about study abroad programs.


College isn't cheap, but there are many ways you can get help paying for a higher education.


Figure out what job is best for you. Find info about pay, required education, and what certain jobs involve.

  • Career Spotlight: The Arts
    From acting and dancing to choreography and museum work, a career in the arts is a rewarding path for those with discipline and talent. Learn more about these careers paths and the valuable degrees that pave the way for them.
  • Career Spotlight: Social Sciences
    From social work to anthropology, from economics to psychology, social sciences careers deal with humans, human behavior, and society. Learn more about these challenging and rewarding careers and what degrees you need to enter the field.
  • Career Spotlight: Biological Sciences
    Careers in the biological sciences range from zoology to cell biology and many other fascinating and challenging disciplines. Learn more about the degrees required and potential earnings for careers in the biological sciences.

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  • Bachelor's Degrees

    Getting started on your path to higher education? Then a Bachelor’s Degree is probably one of the first degree programs you’ll consider. Many rewarding and high-paying careers require at least a Bachelor’s Degree, long considered the base level education for most white collar jobs.

  • Social Networking to Get (or Lose) a Job

    If you're about to complete your degree and looking to land a job after graduation, social networking can be a very useful tool to help you make the most of contacts both old and new who can help you find great employment prospects. But keep in mind that social networking requires consistency and professionalism in order to help ensure that your current or future employers are intrigued -- and not turned off -- by your online presence.


  • Conducting an Effective Job Search

    If you're gearing up to start a job search to help you land a job after graduation, or if you're thinking of switching jobs, it's time to take a close look at the most effective job search engines and employment services available. As you dive into job search mode, make sure your resume and online portfolio or career website are up to date.

  • Resumes & Online Portfolios

    If you're graduating from college soon or have been in the job market for awhile, chances are you will soon embark on a job search in your chosen field. While searching for the perfect job can be time consuming, it doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor. Arming yourself with the right tools for your job search can help keep stress at bay as you seek out a new position that will set you on the right career path.

  • About Us is your one-stop resource for all the information you need about:

    • Selecting a college or university
    • Choosing a degree program
    • Considering graduate school
    • Considering an online school
    • Applying to college, graduate school, or a career school
    • Paying for college
    • What you'll need to attend any degree program you choose
    • Choosing a career and finding a job
    • And much more


  • Career Counseling

    If you're thinking about which career path is the best road for you, seeking the advice of a career counselor may help you narr

  • Job Security During Recessions

    As the U.S. economy has dipped in and out of recession in recent years, many job seekers and college students are wondering what they can do to gain more job security during these times of uncertain employment. If you're just starting college or considering going to school, you might be wondering what majors and fields of study will help you land a job that will weather the recession. But really, is there such a thing as a recession-proof job?


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