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college life

Adjusting to College Life

Your freshman year away at college is an exciting time -- full of new classes, new people, new activities, a new living environment. For many students the first year of college is the first time living away from home, and away from the structure of the family environment they've grown up with. So with all of the exciting newness of the first months of college life, so much unfamiliar territory can also lead to stress and worry. For most students, these concerns are minor anxieties about where they fit in, where their new social circle will emerge, and what the future holds.

What to Bring to College

When packing up to attend an on-campus college or university, you’ll certainly want to make sure you pack the essentials: clothes for all seasons, a good backpack, computer supplies and accessories, personal items and toiletries (and something to carry them in), and basic schools supplies (i.e., pens, paper, pencils, notebooks) to get you started. Here’s a closer look at the obvious supplies you’re likely to need:

Top Reasons to Go To College

As the U.S. economy dips in and out of recession, some critics question the value of higher education.

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